Why we will mark the 100th anniversary of the Lockout


100 years ago, the heroic workers of Dublin were engaged in an industrial dispute whose origins lay in the gross inequality and poverty under which they and their families lived. Sadly, many of their concerns still exist today. There are still hungry children in Ireland, poverty is still an issue for many families, there are still slum landlords, some employers still fail to recognise our unions, poor political leadership is prevalent. Our economic welfare still lies under the control of a wealthy minority, both native and foreign.

In 2013, the struggle for equality continues

The Spirit of 1913 committee intend to commemorate the Lockout through a series of discussions, events and articles which will highlight the ongoing failure to address the concerns and aspirations of the Working Class in Ireland today, while attempting to offer positive alternatives which may lead to greater equality in the future.

We will be supporting commemorative events organised by others, our activities will be one more contribution. In particular, we want to shine a light on the combative trade unionism which was responsible for so much of what we take for granted today; such as the five day week, paid holidays and equal pay for women.

Your thoughts and views on these issues are welcome.

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One Comment on “Why we will mark the 100th anniversary of the Lockout”

  1. NE Says:

    Great to see this post. Another reason to commemorate the lockout is to remember the role of women in shaping Irish history: http://www.irishfeministnetwork.org/1/post/2013/06/remembering-forgotten-heroines.html

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